From the Good Book

August 31, 2014

Words from a quiet corner

The Gates of Escape

The Gates of Escape


God Saw Syria

September 15, 2013

They will kill children if it suits them.
Mothers, fathers and brothers too.
They will hide behind their gold-encrusted palaces
As the children gasp for air, for life itself.
And they will sneer at the words of justice
Which threaten their evil lust.
They will shop in the streets of London and New York
As servants bow and scrape.
And mark my words they will fall and burn in my time
And be flushed away by those they would rape.
For just as the ways of any godless world are theirs,
So are mine.
And they will know justice in my time.
How a bullet feels.
How terror is the only partner towards
The shores of timeless godless eternity.
How useless are their towers of gold and marble
And friends in power.
For they shall perish too.
Hung drawn quartered and flushed from history.
Like the scum they are.
Because it is right.
My right.


Essential Online Writing Tips

July 23, 2011


Write and edit with online readers  needs and habits in mind. Web usability studies show that readers tend to skim over sites rather than read them intently. They also tend to be more proactive than print readers or TV viewers, hunting for information rather than passively taking in what you present to them.

Think about your target audience. Because your readers are getting their news online, chances are they are more interested in Internet-related stories than TV viewers or newspaper readers, so it may make sense to put greater emphasis on such stories. Also, your site potentially has a global reach, so consider whether you want to make it understandable to a local, national or international audience, and write and edit with that in mind. Read the rest of this entry »

Won’t Get Fooled Again?

July 16, 2011

Technology has an important role to play in music today. Have we gone too far?

The blues band shuffling nonchalantly onstage look like they could use a shave and their battered guitars and shabby equipment complete a picture of rustic standards at best. Not surprisingly expectations are correspondingly low that they are going to sound like much. But what’s that on the floor in front of the guitarist? Tiny blue and red LED lights flash on and off on the board of small metal boxes at his feet as he takes his first solo. And what a solo! The sound of his ostensibly old guitar is suddenly finely tuned and breaking through the air with a beautifully produced tonal complexion matching the best violins and the newest guitars?

Fooled again? Read the rest of this entry »

Net Advertising Failing?

March 28, 2009

While newspapers may be folding, all is not so cut and dried on the Net when it comes to filling the advertising void. Check out what one net guru thinks.

Anarchy of TV Reportage

March 21, 2009

Inside THAI Society


Prime Minister Abhisit Vejajiva’s critique of the “danger” of mixing fact and opinion together in the form of “news” by the so-called “television news chatterers” is evidently being completely ignored, not only by the numerous practitioners but also by professional associations theoretically enforcing ethical standards upon such people, and the consumers themselves. Read the rest of this entry »

Digital Overload Is Frying Our Brains

February 7, 2009

By Brandon Keim

Paying attention isn’t a simple act of self-discipline, it’s a cognitive ability with deep neurobiological roots — and these says Maggie Jackson, are in danger of dying. In Distracted: The Erosion of Attention and the Coming Dark Age, Jackson explores the effects of “our high-speed, overloaded, split-focus and even cybercentric society” on attention. It’s not a pretty picture: a never-ending stream of phone calls, e-mails, instant messages, text messages and tweets is part of an institutionalized culture of interruption, and makes it hard to concentrate and think creatively. Read the rest of this entry »