The First American Child

August 18, 2015



The American Edition

September 15, 2013

941208_2978673282618_1319741174_nNot a soccer fan, I switched between channels as my eggs and bacon fried.

And there it was.

Terrifyingly brash, built high on bad taste and over-production. The X-Factor American Edition.

Despite my misgivings and it being my Saturday brunch break, I just let it run and let the feature group sound bites wash over me. Fortunately, those and the inane, repetitive judges’ comments vanished down the drains of time, along with the rest of the massively overproduced, over-hyped, re-cycled, talent-deficient rubbish vying for the five-million-dollar contract supposedly up for grabs at the end of it all.

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Real Blues: RL Burnside

April 27, 2013