Tears of Gold

April 27, 2013

gold-price-6429942_3I am a journalist who specialises in the investment market. I actually spend little time there since while working for the Financial Times of London, I found out just how corrupt the markets and the mainstream media (MSM) were. Back in 2008, as a little bit of an insider, I predicted that the price of gold – then $700 an ounce – would hike eventually closer to $2000 an ounce. I gave no timeline as I am not a psychic, but my prediction was pretty spot on it transpires, nudging $2000 just before it popped in April 2013. As others will tell you this a was a scam to relocate paper money wealth to the hunger demons who own Wall Street. And they succeeded. But now you know better. This is a buying opportunity because gold will go to $3000 an ounce in a much shorter run that it took to got to $2000 from $700. Believe me! Buy now and read this to be smarter and ready to act. After you read what Bill has to say, echoing many other brilliant analysts, you will know that physical gold is the only way to preserve any kind of wealth given what is coming for the markets in the US and Europe.


Rupert is Going Down – The Punters Win

July 16, 2011

Excuse us, the other 60 million punters who never bought the News of The World in our lives nor could give a flying f*** what the rapacious, overpaid, talentless vultures of Fleet Street or Wapping are up to in their pursuit of filling the empty heads of the rabid, uneducated morons of British pond life who bought the paper filled with meaningless scandals and irrelevance, only to fill the pockets of some bloodless octagenarian a million miles away. And now we watch the politicians squirm as they try desparately to find Fourth Estate scapegoats to be barbecued in public and thus steer the heat away from their own arses. Does Cameron not know that it was reported that his first unofficial visitor to Downing Street via the back door was Rupert Murdoch? Does the British press and the educated public really not know that Cameron is as corrupt a poitician as there has ever been, completely in the pocket of this Murdoch vulture – the err…Dirty Digger – and beholden to his every whim? The Cameron reptile and his acolytes must go. Or the sickness will persist. Read the rest of this entry »